A Typical Day at Rainbow Nursery School


vertcrayonsAlthough we do like to be able to be spontaneous at Rainbow Nursery School we do follow a general structure to the school day. Of course this is flexible and does depend on events and circumstances.
  Free play time:  Exposes pre-schoolers understanding of inter-personal and inter-personal dynamics
  Circle time: Enhances developing attention span, understanding of the importance of teamwork
  Craft of the day:Develops pre-schoolers cognitive and their understanding of creative elements
  Snack time: Healthy snacks to help fulfill daily nutrient needs for children
  Story time:Provides time for developing attention span, develops early literacy skills
Music time: Exposes children to a wide range of musical styles,new vocabulary and phonological awareness

Rainbow Nursery School
130 North Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10523

School phone: 914-949-3736

Director: Gale Kelleher, E.C. Program Coordinator

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